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21 April 2021

News Summer 2021

Falmec announces the preview of some new products 2021 soon available for sale, as a result of a long process of technological and stylistic research.

Quantum Easy

A new type of Quantum hob is now available in an “easy” version. This version incorporates the Filter Carbon.Zeo within the volume of the suction part. The air is then drawn in, filtered and then released directly, filtered and re-emitted directly into the back of the cabinet, inside the sterile space.  This means faster installation and easier maintenance, as there is no need for additional ducts and filtering kits.

The characteristics and dimensions of the standard version of the Quantum remain unchanged.  

Quantum Easy is equipped with a rectangular tube that can be adjusted in length during installation to adapt to different depths and a deflector connected to the kitchen wall, to optimise the flow of air by reducing turbulence and noise.

Available from June 2021

QUANTUM EASY tecnnical sheet

Plane No-Drop

The Plane No-Drop suction hood enriches the range Falmec of anti-condensation hoods in the Design collection. Ideal for excellent suction without any drop of condensation and with its professional style, the hood is characterised by a double battery of crossed blade filters, with condensation collector in the central part.

In addition, the minimal design is enriched by two LED strips inserted in the steel edge, for optimal lighting of the cooking area.

Available from June 2021

PLANE NO-DROP technical sheet


The new Elle suction hood by Falmec is characterised by a linear design, defined by essential shapes, able to contextualise

with elegance in open and convivial domestic spaces.

Available in a matt black finish, Elle features extended perimeter light in its length, to create a pleasant and functional kitchen environment.

The electronic control panel, positioned in the centre, allows installation of the suction part on both the right and left side of the hood.

Available from July 2021

ELLE technical sheet


Inspired by the “less is more” logic, Light features an essential and geometric shape, fitting perfectly into modern kitchen environments.

It is precisely the essence of its shape to make the new Falmec proposal unique and at the same time extremely versatile.

Thanks to Falmec’s new ultra-compact “Multi-Air” technology, Light is able to contain the entire suction element in a 10cm high body. The suction element is enclosed by two black satin aluminum profiles and, in the upper part, by two smoked glasses. A led light extended along the entire length of the hood is integrated into the external profiles, to better illuminate the worktop and create a pleasant ambient light.

Light is available in two versions, 180cm with asymmetrical suction and 120cm with central suction.

Available from July 2021

LIGHT technical sheet


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