Circle.Tech. The new shape of filtration.

Circle is perfection.
Centrifugal force drives air in all directions.
Circle.Tech is our new solution for the best suction.

We are so busy with everyday life, that we cannot perceive the environment around us: how nature, even in its simplicity, could be so symmetric and harmonic in every aspect. Circle represents perfection and wholeness: the traditional emblem of a neverending loop, made by a single line whose ends merge into each other.

Circle.Tech, certified and patented technology.

Home atmosphere will never be the same.

Unlike traditional cooker hoods, Circle.Tech filtering units develop horizontally rather than vertically. The outflowing air is conveyed through a filtering unit surrounding the motor and evenly distributed. Given its circular shape, the filtering surface reaches the maximum extension, thus achieving excellent performances in terms of suction capacity, top filtering results and extreme quietness. Indeed, balanced distribution of outflowing air reduces turbulence and, consequently, the noise produced by the operating hood.

A unique innovation in several different shapes.

Minimum encumbrance, maximum creativity freedom.

Featuring filters with revolutionary technology, new Falmec cooker hoods are also characterised by easy installation and maintenance. Available in several different models, they grant maximum extraction and filtering. With excellent design, fine materials and expert manufacturing, they will enhance your kitchen and improve your home.

The compact size and the minimum volume of Circle.Tech allow to build cooker hood models with a minimum thickness, perfectly matching the new design trends.Thanks to these new shapes, kitchen space is optimized, while creating a more pleasant and functional environment.

Charcoal and Zeolite: filtering the way nature intended it to be.

The exclusive Carbon.Zeo combined filter by Falmec uses materials of natural origin such as zeolite and activated charcoal. It can retain odours  with the utmost effectiveness.

Activated charcoal. 

Activated charcoal mainly contains carbon in the form of microcrystalline graphite, which has been processed in order to obtain a porous material with a large internal surface area. These characteristics allow it to retain a lot of substances by trapping their molecules and absorbing them in its internal structure. 

Zeolite is a mineral characterised by a high absorption capacity of organic compounds and water vapour. This characteristic is the direct consequence of its microporous crystalline structure. Moreover, owing to its chemical features, zeolite releases heat when it comes into contact with moisture, thus reducing it. The use of zeolite is therefore very important to reduce odours, as well as to absorb steam produced by cooking.

Long life, easy maintenance.

Carbon.Zeo combined filter is really long lasting: the minimum life granted is of 3 years (up to 5 with a normal use of the hood). In addition to that, it can be regenerated, every 18 months, by placing it in the oven at a temperature of 200° C for two hours. The filter must be replaced after three years. This intervention is very simple, as the filter is extracted from the bottom part of the cooker hood.

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